Richmond Dry Dock

Now under control of the original owners and available for hire or rent.

Dock Specifications:

Dock Dimensions
Overall length 96m
Width at Gate 14.5m
Draft over sill at high tide 5.8m

Measurements are all approximated and any potential tenant should carry out their own site survey


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We are seeking proposals for the use of this historic grade 2 listed dry dock. A rent free period will be offered to cover any remedial work required prior to opening.

Please email with your proposals

The dock area is just over one acre in site and comprises of the are shown on this area map.

Richmond Dry Dock

Dock Facilities

The Appledore dock can accommodate a wide range of sea craft ranging from large schooners through to tugs and other workboats. All of which can be either lifted out onto the quayside or worked on inside the dock


The Appledore dock has an overal length of 96 metres, with a width at the gate of 12 metres and the draft over the sill at high tide is just under 6 metres. Shipping co-ordinates at 51°00'58?N 4°13'02?W


Appledores rich marine history means that there is a wealth of experience in the area. Babcock still run a large facility in the area and new initiatives such as the Blue water project are designed to bring more and more marine industry to the area.

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